Seize this prayer opportunity!

The Gwent Baptist Association is progressing its two- year prayer programme as we seek God together to work amongst us and establish His Kingdom in our communities.

The next opportunity to seek God in prayer together is starting on the 10th January and running through to the 2nd of February.

The Association will also be holding a 24hr prayer day on Wednesday 2 February (00.00 -23.59) and more info will be available in the next few weeks.

The 24 days of prayer, based upon the life of Nehemiah, will feature a person who heard the call of God to rebuild what was lying in ruins; how the Israelite community came together in challenging times to honour the call of God upon their lives and together accomplish His will.

What was His will in their day? To rebuild the wall that lay in ruins. However, it was so much more than bricks and mortar because Yahweh was using the opportunity of a broken wall to rebuild a people; to unite them around His vision and will for their lives, to equip them for works of service and instil in them the characteristics of God’s holy people.

May this be the prayer for our churches and communities today as we journey through Nehemiah’s story. We pray that we might be united around the common purpose of seeking God in prayer and then living out those prayers together as one body under Christ.

God bless you and your fellowships in 2022.

The Revd. Jonathan Forman

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